As a system supplier with the four successful brands “Maag Pump & Filtration Systems“, “Automatik Scheer Strand Pelletizers“, “Gala Automatik Underwater Pelletizers“ and “Reduction Pulverizing Systems“, Maag offers complete assemblies for extruders comprising an extrex® gear pump, screen changer, maax® automation solution, and drive unit. As the sum of the individual parts, the expac® system improves the productivity of the extrusion process. Following the successful introduction of the enhanced extrusion controller maax 400S, the 12" monitor variant has now closed the gap to the two existing controllers, the maax 100S and maax 600S.
The maax 100S features a 7" monitor, with a maximum of two drives and maximum 16 heating/cooling zones. The maax 600S has a 15" monitor, with a maximum of four drives and 48 heating/cooling zones (in the basic software configuration).

Control solution for customer-specific requirements
The maax 400S can control up to four variable-speed drives, and can be upgraded up to a maximum of 32 heating/cooling zones (in the basic software configuration). The maax 400S retains the intuitive user control, screen page layout and color concept of the existing controllers. This control solution enables customer-specific requirements, such as page layout, additional pages or special component control, to be met within certain bounds.
The controller is currently available in German and English. More languages can be added.
Maag's experience enables it to combine all the components to provide an optimum solution. This also significantly enhances operational safety. Integrated statistical functions and process data memory enable traceable quality management. By adding more degrees of operational freedom, such as the pump inlet pressure by way of the presetting (pump inlet pressure regulation), additionally enhances plant flexibility.

Dal 1973 ICP - Rivista dell’Industria Chimica è il mensile di riferimento dell’industria chimica e farmaceutica e dell’ingegneria di processo in Italia.


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