Romaco has just hosted a successful Open House in Madrid together with Heryval, the firm’s Spanish agent. Heryval takes care of sales and service in Spain for all six Romaco brands in the pharmaceutical segment.

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The biggest challenge for pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract packers will follow in 2019, when the serial number of each individual pack and outer packaging must be known to pharma wholesalers - either in form of the National Drug Code (NDC) or the Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN).

by Jörg Willburger

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August 2018 sees the initial launch of the new Gericke GS centrifugal sifter. The new range of GS centrifugal sifters is the evolution of a long established design principle, highlighting Gericke as an industry leading sifter manufacturer.

OMCA Plants leverages on an extensive knowledge of the construction of plant and machinery for chemical and pharmaceutical production. In particular, the R-EVOLVE TILTING PFD is an innovative machine set to become the reference machine in the market of Pressure Drying

CSV Life Science in collaboration with PolyCrystalLine S.r.l. and Chemsafe SRL organizes a HPAPI study day.

Centrifuges are often the centerpiece in the production of sterile and other active pharmaceutical PUREVO pharma centrifuge from Andritz Separation ensures effective solid-liquid-separation in a clean and sterile atmosphere.

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Dal 1973 ICP - Rivista dell’Industria Chimica è il mensile di riferimento dell’industria chimica e farmaceutica e dell’ingegneria di processo in Italia.


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