An excellence in the design, manufacturing and delivery of energy systems

For over 20 years, INTEC Engineering, as a medium-sized, family-run company and as an expanding global company, has stood for quality, reliability and individual complete solution. More than 100 employees develop, produce and market customized solutions in the field of heating and power generation in many different industrial branches. The INTEC Group of companies drive technology at a large number of locations across the world in Europe, America, Asia etc.
· INTEC Engineering GmbH focuses on the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art solid fuel firing systems, energy plants as well as solar thermal biomass hybrid plants. With two decades of experience INTEC Engineering offers component parts, complete engineering solutions as well as turn-key plants.
· INTEC Heating Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Indian subsidiary focuses on marketing its thermal oil heaters, waste heat boilers and sewage sludge incineration plants.
· INTEC Energy Systems Sdn Bhd, Malaysian subsidiary provides complete heating solution for the supply of process heat to industrial plants of various industries.

The range of INTEC Engineering products consists of:
· solid fuels firing systems with moving grate
· solid fuels firing systems with fluidized bed combustion
· biomass fired power plants
· biomass fired energy plants
· thermal oil heaters, oil or gas fired
· electrical heaters
· natural circulation boilers
· heat recovery boilers
· high pressure steam, hot water and steam boilers
· steam generators
· secondary control circuits
· modular ORC power generation
· steam turbines
· sewage sludge dryers
The technology can be applied in a wide range of industries such as the wood industry, textile industry, palm oil production, oleo chemical, edible oil, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, food processing, pulp and paper, plastic industry. The necessary energy is transferred by different heat transfer media like hot flue gas, thermal oil, steam, warm or hot water.
In addition, the technical support after-sales service department customer contributes the monitoring of service measures as well as repairs and provides appropriate service solutions according to individual customer agreement.

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