New Standards in Filter Drying Technology

OMCA Plants leverages on an extensive knowledge of the construction of plant and machinery for chemical and pharmaceutical production. In particular, the R-EVOLVE TILTING PFD is an innovative machine set to become the reference machine in the market of Pressure Drying

Established in 1960, OMCA Plants specializes in the design and construction of pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, reactors, columns, agitators, pressure filter dryers, vacuum dryers, mixers, powder, filter plates and tip, package systems, for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. They are built according to all national and international standards, regulations and welding procedures.

Thanks to its experienced and highly professional staff, Omca can offer quality, fast and cost-effective technical solutions to the needs of the customers. Omca’s experience means that a wide range of materials can be supplied from standard 300 and 400 series stainless steels to Duplex steels, Monel alloys, Nickel-alloys, Inconel and Incoloy and Hastelloy. All welders undergo regular training to update their welding procedures and qualifications according to the latest quality standards

A wide selection of surface finishes are available to suit any requirement. From simple pickling and passivation up to the finest levels of mirror and electro-polishing, particularly suitable for Sterile processes.

The Technical Department of OMCA PLANTS can develop and engineer equipment and full systems in accordance to all main regulations including, but not limited to ASME, PED and CE to satisfy any customer’s requirement.

OMCA PLANTS’ 2.000 sqm workshop is fully equipped with state of the art machinery including mechanical turning, milling, drilling, bending, welding, CNC machines, that allow Omca to manufacture internally, machines up to 200 cubic metres in size.


R-EVOLVE TILTING PFD: an innovative filter/dryer

The weaknesses and faults of the conventional machine have been addressed in Omca by working on a different concept in Pressure Filter Drying process. The R-EVOLVE Tilting PFD machine has been developed, improved and refined to near perfection over the years. The main advantages over the old technology are:

• improved product output

• higher product quality

• faster Process times

• improved CIP and SIP

• less contamination risks

• less maintenance costs

• less downtime

• less operative costs

overall improved productivity.


We asked a few questions to Giovanni Ongaro, General Manager of OMCA Plants.


How has OMCA Plants gained its know-how in the construction of plants for the specific needs of pharmaceutical and chemical plants?

I think the main reason of our success is our approach to customer’s requirements. At Omca, we have always recognized the need for adapting the machine to the process and not vice-versa and by working closely with the customer, we have been able to create solutions that can satisfy his requirements. Customers see us as solution-providers and having appreciated our service oriented approach, they have rewarded us with their continued support and custom.


Can you describe the technical characteristics of the main machines that you have made?

Over the years Omca has gained extensive engineering and manufacturing experience on a wide spectrum of machinery, but has most of all specialized in the filtration and drying sector. Our deep knowledge in this field has allowed us to engineer innovative solutions in Nutsche filter dryers which are versatile and multifunctional units for effective filtration for API production and are designed to comply with Cgmp and FDA guidelines. Designed for frequent product changes, our fully electric machines feature a detachable bottoms to gain optimal access to the filter element for inspection and cleaning supported by innovative CIP systems guaranteed by a simple validation system. Thanks to its innovative design and exacting dimensional tolerances, this equipment offers an excellent performance of the product discharge phase ie resulting in negligible API residue. It is used to filter and dry products to pharmaceutical and fine chemical standards

We understand a special focus is given to the choice of materials and the specific machining of surfaces and welds.

Considering the high costs and often hazardous nature of the materials being processed, at Omca, we won’t settle for anything less than the highest quality. To guarantee this target, Omca Plants uses materials and components of the highest level and of European origin for the construction of its machines. Thanks to our qualified personnel, impeccable welds and surface finish procedures, that are rigorously verified by a very strict quality control, Omca is able to offer its customers products of excellence in design and construction


Recently you have developed an innovative filter dryer filter called R-EVOLVETM TILTING PFD. What are its characteristics?

The R-EVOLVE TILTING PFD is a machine of innovative design that has all the characteristics to set the standard in the demanding market of Pressure Drying Filters.

Unlike other Drier Filters on the market, which represent mere evolutions of old-fashioned machines, the R-EVOLVE PFD is a machine that was conceived from the beginning in an innovative way to solve all of the considerable intrinsic problems of traditional machines.

To start with, it is a machine that guarantees an almost complete discharge of the product, therefore solving a notorious weakness of the traditional machine.

It allows for a better handling of the product, which results in a higher product quality compared to products processed in traditional machines.

It also offer the guarantee of a CIP washing that can only be defined as perfect.

Our special technology also allows us to avoid the presence of the dust filter, mandatory on traditional machines. This helps to reduce the already low maintenance operations and consequent plant downtime, with positive effects on productivity and operating costs of the line.

It is used to filter and dry products, in the most demanding process and environmental conditions, excelling in High Potency and Sterile situations where it can offer safety guarantees for operators and the environment to the highest level.


What is the added value that OMCA Plants is able to give to the end customer in the supply of its machines and equipment?

In addition to our exclusive technology, at OMCA Plants we can offer our customers the guarantee of the performance they expect from the machine. A dedicated team of technicians, supports a strong and reliable after-sales service for any maintenance operation that might be required. Customers can also take advantage of our fully operative R-EVOLVE PFD pilot unit machine, which is available for testing processes at the customer’s own site, before proceeding with the purchase of the industrial version.


OMCA Plants was  present at ACHEMA 2018 (Hall 4.0 – Stand G44). What were  the expectations?

As usual OMCA Plants will attend the Achema exhibition. This year we  introducde our jewel in the crown, the R-EVOLVE PFD Filter Dryer. Given the success and great interest we previously enjoyed at Achema, we have invested in a large booth in an excellent position, in the center of Hall 4.0. This will no doubt grant us a lot of visibility and will help the Pharma customers from all over the world to get to know and to appreciate this standard setting machine. The organizers themselves have in a way endorsed the quality of our product by selecting our machine for the cover of the official Achema 2018 magazine.


What will be the next strategic development goals at OMCA Plants?

Having cemented our presence on the Italian market, in particular with the R-EVOLVE Filter Dryer, we are now looking to consolidate our standing within the rest of Europe with the aid of our existing network of agents. In addition, we also plan to gradually penetrate the Asian market, which has already shown signs of strong interest for our R-EVOLVE PFD.


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