Maag Pump Systems


External Gear Pumps
for Industrial Applications

With a proven reputation, wide range of wetted materials, and extensive industry knowledge, Maag pumps are capable of handling numerous different applications. Maag is the frontrunner in external gear pump technology for the industrial market. Our pumps are unmatched in pressure, viscosity, and temperature capabilities.
Maag pumps are ideal for highly demanding operating conditions. As viscosities and pressures increase many pump technologies become ineffective. Maag positive displacement pumps can meet all the requirements that others cannot. If you need high discharge pressure or if the application requires high temperature due to a highly viscous product then there are few pumps that may be capable, especially if special designs or materials are necessary to fit the application.
For applications where other technology can not fit the requirement, Maag external gear pumps are the most versatile, solid, and reliable solution.
Maag gear pumps have two intermeshing gears of the same diameter driven by the driveshaft connected to the motor or gearbox which rotates the opposing idler gear. The two gear shafts are supported by four journal bearings that are lubricated by the process media.
Maag offers various different gear pump executions for Industrial applications.

Cinox and Therminox pumps are predominantly used in the chemical processing industry. Large viscosity, temperature and pressure ranges are no issue for these pumps even when paired with abrasive solids or corrosive properties. The cinox/therminox® pumps meet these very high demands not only because of material selection but as a result of their robust design and market leading manufacturing quality. If necessary, these pumps can be heated as well.

Refinex and Refitherm pumps are designed specifically for industrial plants and refineries where high process pressure, temperature and viscosity media play an important role. The refinex/refitherm® pumps withstand pressures up to 350 bar and are always a reliable solution.

The Hydrolub pump is a lower cost alternative ideally suited for operation in critical lubrication processes where reliability is in demand. The Maag lubrication pump has performed reliably for more than 50 years. It can use a large number of components, making it ideal for demanding media transport.

Mag Drive (magnetic coupling)
Thanks to its hermetically sealed magnetic coupling, the Mag Drive is ideally suited for the transport of toxic media. The product chamber of the gear pump is completely separated from the environment by a containment shell. The torque is transmitted contact-free from the motor shaft to the pump shaft by high-performance permanent magnets. The Mag Drive is characterized by high operational reliability and extremely low maintenance requirements.

Maag with its historical knowledge, and with thousands of worldwide references, can offer you the best solution to your application.
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