Zephyr, new asthma spacer device, presented at CphI in Frankfurt

A revolutionary new design that improves drug administration and simplifies treatment delivery for better observance. It’s Zephyr by SGH Healthcaring. 

SGH Healthcaring – a preferred partner of the pharmaceutical and nutriceutical industries, with the ambition to become a leading European plastics manufacturer supplying medical devices and administration systems for liquid and solid medicines and food supplements – is launching a new asthma spacer device.

Zephyr will be marketed from January 2020 and will be entirely produced and assembled at the Stiplastics Healthcaring site in Saint-Marcellin (Isère, France). Only the mask and valves will be supplied by an Italian manufacturer specialising in silicon injection.


Zephyr: unique ergonomics

The SGH Healthcaring teams have taken the bold step of completely revolutionising the design of the asthma spacer device. Its innovative architecture avoids spraying particles directly into the mouth, which offers two benefits:

  1. by putting the treatment in suspension in a closed, antistatic environment, Zephyr mitigates any potential synchronisation problems between spraying and breathing in;
  2. it also helps the patient inhale the tiniest spray particles - which can then reach the alveoli in the lungs - and limit the inhalation of large particles, which tend to settle in the throat and buccal cavity, with possible risks of side effects.

Zephyr has a rotating handle on the side, which holds the inhaler in a vertical position, regardless of the patient’s position. Its unique ergonomics mean it can be used with one hand, leaving the second hand free to soothe the child and keep them still, making administering the drug more effective.

Zephyr can be fully dismantled, and every part can be easily washed. It also offers a number of other benefits:

  • a highly visible respiratory valve (all versions) to check that the child or adult is breathing correctly and therefore taking their treatment effectively,
  • a large “duck-bill” inhalation valve, designed to minimise inhalation effort and maintain normal breathing,
  • it is compatible with all inhalers on the market, which are quick and simple to insert and held in a vertical position,
  • its rotating handle means it is comfortable to use, while keeping the inhaler upright and firmly in place for an airtight seal.

SGH Healthcaring is present at CPhI in Frankfurt, Germany, from 5 to 7 November, on Stand 111B72.



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