New peeler centrifuges with siphon for Vitamin C

Headquartered in Settimo Milanese (MI); Comi Condor announces that it has got an order for three peeler centrifuges with rotating siphon for Vitamin C in Far East Asia. The company is the only on the market providing the basket size 1850 mm.

Comi Condor is a leader, worldwide, in the production of centrifuges for solid/liquid separation in the pharmaceutical (API - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, and HPAPI - Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), chemical and food industries. Filtration and sedimentation processes.

Comi Condor operates in more than 50 countries worldwide, with over 5000 centrifuges, providing not only innovative and customized products, but also the wide knowledge in solid/liquid separation: vertical top discharge centrifuges, vertical bottom discharge centrifuges, horizontal peeler centrifuges, inverting filter centrifuges.

The company develops solutions "ad hoc", with high added value for all the needs of its customers.

Three peeler centrifuges with rotating siphon for Vitamin C in Far East Asia have been built by Comi Condor. The units, HX/L/S 1850/1300 model, are manufactured in AISI 316L. They are gas tightness, purged and inerted with nitrogen. The size, basket 1850/1300 mm (filtering surface 7.5 m2) was selected by the customer as the standard size; basket 1800/1250 mm (filtering surface 7.0 m2) was not sufficient for the required production capacity.

Comi Condor is the only company on the market providing the basket size 1850 mm.

Its succ ss in the world with peeler centrifuges with siphon centrifuges is increasing gradually thanks to orders from important companies in the starch and chemical fields. Its centrifuges are fully manufactured in house with modern, precise machinery and with careful control of the construction.

High quality/performance, quick delivery and tailor-made centrifuges are the benefits for the customers.


Dal 1973 ICP - Rivista dell’Industria Chimica è il mensile di riferimento dell’industria chimica e farmaceutica e dell’ingegneria di processo in Italia.


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