Efficient system for steam drum level measurement

Based in Farnham, UK, Delta Controls has signed an agreement to purchase the Mobrey line of measurement products manufactured in Slough, UK, from Emerson. Key product is the Hydrastep 2468 Electronic Gauging System for steam drum level measurement.


A key product in the Mobrey product range, which is now exclusively distributed by Delta Controls, prior to full acquisition, is the Hydrastep 2468 Electronic Gauging System for steam drum level measurement.

The Hydrastep technology was a customer-led development and its history spans over five decades. Nowadays, the Hydrastep 2468 is seen by many as an industry standard and its reliability is second to none. To date, the Hydrastep 2468 has been installed in over 6,000 critical applications globally, including power stations, refineries, petrochemical plants and sugar refineries – in fact everywhere where steam boiler water feed levels are critical for safety. Any steam raising plant will use steam drums, and these steam drums require accurate and reliable level measurement to ensure the safety of the plant.


Application in a waste management plant

One such example is in a new 400,000 tonne capacity waste management plant in France. The waste treatment plant was already using differential pressure (DP) transmitters to measure and control the level within their two steam drums. However, after a recent review, the plant’s insurers were concerned that if the DCS was to fail, the DP measurement would be lost and there would be no way of knowing the level within the steam drum. This could lead to the steam drum running dry, or rising level and water entering the steam turbine, both critically dangerous situations.

The insurers insisted on an additional measurement on the steam drum which would be independent of the DCS. The plant’s insurers required that the plant upgrade their safety related instrumentation throughout the site and approached Mobrey for a solution. The Hydrastep system was fitted to each steam drum to ensure the continual measurement of the steam drum level, with remote displays and alarms in the control room for indication, independent of the DCS.


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